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As 30 Rock’s token Republican blonde, Avery Jessup, once declared: Flats are for Quitters. It’s true! The perfect pair of pumps and a string of pearls can turn any outfit from drab to fab. I had been searching for the perfect blog title for months when I accidentally tuned-in to an episode of the Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin comedy. Et voila! Flats are for Quitters was born and I’ve been strutting it in my stilettos ever since.

I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty since I was a toddler in a tiara – actually, there's pictorial evidence available. Lipstick, handbags, feathers and furs have been my obsession for as long as I can remember. My mom claims I would actually cry every morning before kindergarten if she wouldn’t let me wear a dress. Growing up in Waterloo, ON, I spent my childhood and teen years competitively dancing and I truly think it’s the glitz and the glamour of the costumes that sparked my interest in all things LOVELY.

After attending Wilfrid Laurier University and acquiring in post-graduate diploma a Public Relations from Conestoga College (+ completing 2 cruise ship contracts as a Revue Show Dancer), I moved to Toronto and have been working the world of spin ever since. I live right in the heart of the city in a little bachelor apartment that I adore. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.

Flats are for Quitters is my not-so-private diary and my goal is to share with my readers what I’m loving, eating, reading, doing, wearing and why I think you might want to also. It’s the chronicles of the strange and awesome life that I lead, my pet peeves, my obsessions, my unsolicited advice (is there any better kind?) and a peak into the Toronto social scene. Beauty, fashion, food and fun. There’s nothing better!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay a while. Enjoy…and don’t let me catch you in a pair of flats. I will judge you!

Jessica Denomme
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Thanks for sashaying on over to Flats are for Quitters! 
For all advertising inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, press releases, giveaways, product reviews or event invitations, please contact me at:
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10 Cancelled Shows I Wish Returned to TV

Hello. My name is Jessica and I’m a TV addict. You may think that I’m joking but I’m being entirely serious. Not only does my job revolve around television programming, but I also plan my nightly activities around what’s on the tube. Some of my current favourites are Ringer, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds and I Used to be Fat. I’m super eclectic in my television selections and I don’t discriminate – unless @rjbianchin is trying to make me watch Battlestar Galactica…that’s where I draw the line.

Over the past decade, I’ve had to train myself to not get too attached to any new programming. Many of my favourite shows have been cancelled after the first season or WORSE – cancelled only a few episodes in. It’s sad, really! Not just for the audiences that become fast fans, but also for the cast and crew that puts their heart and souls into the production of these ventures. Yeah I know, It’s show business, but I think that it’s only fair that I pay homage to some of my favourite fallen programs.

Breaker High

10. Breaker High
As if this teen dream needs any introduction, Breaker High ran on YTV from 1997-1998. The “dramatic” teen comedy followed the lives of several high school students whose campus just happened to be on a cruise ship. Not only did Breaker High star a very young Ryan Gosling as Sean, but it introduced me to my first real crush – Max played by Scott Vickaryous, whom may I mention bares a striking resemblance to my boyfriend! Yum! It’s funny – I still hate the name Cassidy any time I hear it and whenever I’m in the South I have the urge to introduce myself as “Ashley Dupree…of the Georgia Dupree’s”.

Sweet Valley High

9. Sweet Valley High
Perhaps my earliest recollection of wanting to be a blonde (it’s not my natural colour – shocking right?) comes from watching Brittany and Cynthia Daniel strut their stuff as the Wakefield twins on Sweet Valley High. While the shows’ run wasn’t extremely short (1994-1997), I can’t help but feel that we were a bit ripped off; when it was cancelled I cried! Who knows, I may get my wish of a return – in March 2011, Francine Pascal released Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later. I smell a spin-off!

Melrose Place

8. Melrose Place
It’s all Ashlee Simpsons fault! I LOVED the reboot of Melrose Place on @Global_TV and I don’t care what anyone says, it was a hit! I’m getting worked up.

Get Real

7. Get Real
FOX’s Get Real only made it through one season (1999-2000) but it assisted in catapulting some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities into stardom. In her first high profile role since The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway played Meghan Green of the San Francisco Green family. In addition on Hathaway, the program starred Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: LA) and Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network). I can’t exactly remember the plot but if its cancellation is still bothering me 12 years later, it must have been good.

The Mole

6. The Mole
OK – reason A that I’m upset that The Mole is not longer on the air: it was hosted by Anderson Cooper. The ABC hit aired on and off from 2001 to 2008 with the final two seasons featuring celebrities. The premise of the show? Contestant’s travel all over the world solving puzzles and completing tasks with the ultimate goal of uncovering whom among them is attempting to sabotage the game. Loves it!

Veronica Mars

5. Veronica Mars
I have a feeling that I won’t be alone on this one! Veronica Mars aired on UPN and the CW Network from 2004-2007. The teen spy drama starred Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars who spent three seasons trying to crack the most mysterious crimes in her new hometown of Neptune, California. I have all three seasons of DVD and I would LOVE to see the hit series make a comeback. I have heard rumblings of a movie being in the works, which wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Charlie's Angels

4. Charlie’s Angels 
I may be alone on this one but I was a huge fan of the new Charlie’s Angels that aired earlier this year. It may be due to my girl crush on Minka Kelly but I honestly enjoyed their kick-ass demeanors and fab clothes. I’m a bit sad to see it go, aren’t you? No? Ok…moving on!

The Buried Life

3. The Buried Life
The cancellation is incredibly recent – as in last week! To be honest, the cancellation of MTV’s The Buried Life is what truly inspired this list. I absolutely LOVE watching this reality documentary series about four British Columbia expats whom travelled the USA attempting to complete their list of “100 Things to do Before We Die!” The most touching aspect of the show was that every time they completed one of their goals, they assisted someone else in completing theirs. The boys were all super gorgeous (especially Whitney Port’s ex-boyfriend, Ben Nemtin) and the show made me proud to be Canadian. Let’s get this straight MTV, you cancelled The Buried Life but you’re going to make me sit through another season of Jersey Shore? Something ain’t right here!


2. Hellcats
I bet that The CW thought that they hit the television gold mine when Ashley Tisdale signed on to star in their 2010 series, Hellcats. Apparently they were wrong! The one season wonder, which was shot in Vancouver, featured some of Disney’s hottest stars including Alyson Michalka and showcased some of Canada’s top dancers – which I loved! A mix between Bring it On and One Tree Hill, I truly thought that Hellcats was one show that I could allow myself to get attached to. Apparently not, as it was cancelled after 22 episodes. Boo!


1. Reunion
The cancellation of this 2005 FOX series still haunts me – literally! The story of six friends brought together for their 20th high school reunion in which one of them is murdered and all of them become suspects ended mid-season before the killer was revealed. I know I need to get over this, but I still find myself wondering about it like once a week! Was it Aaron? (Dave Annabelle) Was it Carla? (Chyler Leigh) Was it Jenna? (Amanda Righetti) I NEED to know! Honestly, if someone can find me the entire first season of this show I will pay my hottest friend to make out with you. HELP!

Okay, well now that I’m all worked up I think that it’s time for bed. Which cancelled shows do you think should return to TV? Let me know!

Good Night!


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